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Tools, Toys & Techniques of Technology Integration:


K-5 Technology Integration:

"Technology is but a tool that can be used in the classroom...

The skilled teacher will concentrate on Teaching and Learning...

to improve the life of a child..."




Hardware to consider

iPod Touch


iPod/iPad Apps

Live Scribe Pen






Teacher Resources

Kathy Schrock

Annette Lamb

Illinois Interactive Report Card
Allows teachers to see trends at each grade level for Reading and Math

1. Find Schools
2. Test Scores
3. Content Strands

Common Core Standards on ISBE

Common Core Resources- Achieve The Core

Intel Teach Unit Plan Template
Helps to organize and plan units including technology

Development of Rubrics for Projects

Primary Sources
Original Documents Scanned for your use in class
Example: Lincoln draft of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Fair Use Guidelines in Education

Tech & Learning- "How to Grow a Textbook" article- offers suggested sites when building an online curriculumn for your classroom.

cK-12 FlexBooks customizable, standards-aligned, free digital textbooks for K-12

KHAN Academy 2,000+ instructional videos by topic

Open Culture 150 Free Textbooks: a Meta Collection

Educational Leadership - "Advntures with Cell Phones"

Poll Everywhere - use cell phones to text responses to a poll

Google Reader
Organizes New web Content as it is published

Online Curriculum Management Software


iPad Apps



      • App Store
      • DropBox
      • “Office” suite (Office2 HD vs. Quickoffice HD Pro)
      • Sound note/ Notes
      • PDF Creation (Scan to PDF vs DocScan HD)
      • iAnnotate PDF
      • News (Local News, Illinois Gov, Fox News)
      • Reader Software (Kindle vs. Nook vs. Google Books)
      • Bamboo Paper
      • Popplet
      • Diigo
      • Show Me
      • Communication (MyPad, Skype, FaceTime)
      • Find iPhone
      • Story Patch
      • WordFoto
      • DoodleBudy
      • Strip Designer
      • My Story


Word Processor
Spread Sheet software for Home


Google Docs
This can be an option for students who many not have the office suite at home

Open Office
Free package that can be installed on the users computer


Pod casts

Audacity: Software to creat audio podcast

Brenda Muench, Iroquois West, Wiki Space on Podcasting
Tools and How To...

Our City Pod Cast
Ideas for your first podcast

Willow Elementary Web
Successful elementary podcast

Jenuine Tech Website-
PreK-6 Creative Project Ideas

Windows Live Essentials (formerly Photo Story)


Download Program



Movie Maker


Official Movie Maker Web-site


Student Project

Flip Video


Search strategies using Search engines

link: using Alta Vista – finds sites linked to a site

site: in Google searches a site for term

WayBack Machine (www.archive.org)

Country Codes

Determine Owner Information for Domain Name


determine the source and if it is valid



Sample Web sites that look Legitimate (make use of the link command)





Wikipedia- uses

Classroom Wiki






Other Resources

Primo PDF
Adds a printer to your computer that creates PDF files that can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader used to search a document

Online Favorites, Highlighting and Sticky Notes

Drop Box

YouTube Downloader



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